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Andy Tong is the founder and design director of ATDCL, he was born in Hong Kong and he is talented in art and design when he studied college. After 4 years of tertiary design training, He graduated from HKAPA School of Technical Arts in 1990, Andy furthered his boundaries and established his design studio in 2000. Since then he has been devoted to spatial and interior design and created many outstanding designs over the years.

湯兆榮先生是公司的創始人和設計總監,他出生於香港,自小對美術很有天份,中學時更對藝術和設計方面充滿夢想。大專 4 年後設計培訓,首批以優秀的成績畢業於香港演藝學院之科藝學院,於 2000 年 ANDY 成立自己的設計工作室。由此他一直致力於空間和室內設計,多年來創作了許多令人深刻的設計項目。

With over 25 years of experience in the design industry, he is a diverse creative designer with a unique interpretation of individual spaces. During the early years, Andy not only perform himself in the commercial interior aspect, but he was also renowned for creating the large-scale performance stage design for well-known Hong Kong pop artists. also, he worked for many famous retail brands and residential design by mastering aesthetics and spatial orchestration.

擁有超過 25 年設計的經驗,ANDY 對空間獨特的運用和配合燈光的詮釋,令 ANDY 不僅在商業上表演自己 室內方面,他早期亦為香港著名藝人作大型表演舞台設計而聞名。至於他另一主要領域-商業空間和住宅設計項目亦在各大型國際設計比賽屢獲殊榮。

With his signature creativity and contemporary style, Andy’s work has gathered waves of praises and recognitions from the globe. He was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2010. He received his first IF Design Award in 2012, then again in 2014 and 2015. He has also praised by the JCD Design Award from Japan in 2014 , The Best 10 Hong Kong designer in 2016 as well as the German Design Award in 2017 . During this 10 years , Andy has established a significant status in Greater China Region by world of month .

憑藉其標誌性的創造力和現代風格,安迪的作品在全球範圍內收穫了無數讚譽和認可。 2010年榮獲紅點設計大獎,2012 年首次獲得IF設計獎,2014 年和 2015 年再次獲得 2014 年日本 JCD 商業空間設計大獎,2016 年獲選香港十優設計師以及 2017 年奪得德國設計獎。在這 20 年裡,ANDY 在亞太地區和國際上建立了受高度評價的地位。

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